The Reason Diets Fail You

This year many individuals will begin upon a diet plan and most will are not able to shed bodyweight. The usual reaction to this failing by the individuals marketing the meals is responsible the person for the failing. This leaves the person feeling beaten and guilty because of their lack of “will-power”

Blaming the person also maintains the impression that diets are an effective way to shed bodyweight. I think it’s about a chance to move the discussion beyond this “blaming” level and discover the real reasons diets fail.

I will use an example to explain my position.

When most individuals are provided with something like a sweets (candy) bar it is not lengthy before they experience a wish to eat the thing. Most will simply fault the sweets for causing the wish. They will then try to fight the wanting with “will-power”. Usually they decrease this fight and sooner or later give up and eat the sweets bar. This “giving-in” often marks the end of the meals.

Now lets look at why this “giving-in” happened. We know that the intellectual procedure that triggered the wanting to eat the sweets bar went something like this; neurological feedback was received through the appropriate receptors [mainly eyes in this case] and the brain established some type of neurological or neurological representation of the item that will be described as a sweets bar. We can regard this procedure as unavoidable. If the neurological receptors are functioning, the brain must type a representation or neurological picture of the item.

When a neurological picture has been established we have been taught to allocate definitions, from memory, to these pictures as they occur in the brain. The task of significance is followed by an psychological reaction appropriate to the significance allocated. In the situation of the sweets bar the significance allocated included past remembrances of enjoyable encounters associated with eating sweets, hence the wanting to eat this sweets bar. So really it was not the presence of the item that will be described as a sweets bar that triggered the wanting, but the intellectual procedure described.

Specifically it was the task of significance that triggered the wanting. And because this task of significance has become totally automatic in most individuals, the sweets bar gets the fault for the wanting when actually it only had the energy to cause the brain to type a useless picture. For most, the significance and picture have become “fused”, with the significance now seen as an natural part of the neurological picture itself rather than something allocated from within the brain. This of course gives the stimulus the energy to be the cause of the reaction.

Just thinking about or showing upon a sweets bar has the same effect. A neurological picture is established from that representation and when it has been established the intellectual procedure of instantly providing significance to it is exactly the same as with pictures due to an external stimulating elements. We think a strong wish to eat the sweets bar.

This all means of course that whenever we are provided with a sweets bar or some other suitable meals, the brain instantly works the intellectual procedure described and makes a wish to eat the intracacies. These constant psychological reactions build up and eventually wear us down. This ‘s we “give-in” and the meals goes out the window.

My point is then, the only way to decrease our diet and still experience safe is to alter this procedure of instantly providing significance to the pictures that come into our heads. This way we can decrease the wish to eat needlessly and thereby change our eating behavior so that we shed bodyweight and keep it off.

Diets do not supply these methods and actually they fail the person not the other way round as their providers would have you believe. If changing our behavior was easy as deciding to go on a diet plan, most of us would have changed many things about ourselves lengthy ago. The truth is we need methods that will help us to bring that change about or we are setting ourselves up to fail.

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