Applying Dressings and Plasters

There are different things that one needs to consider before applying a wrap to a harmed individual. The principal thing is that before applying any dressing the individual applying the dressing ought to wash and dry their hands legitimately. Notwithstanding this the accompanying steps/ exhortation needs to be mulling over.

– Make beyond any doubt that the individual being wrapped with the swathe is sitting or resting. It is generally not prudent to wrap an individual while remaining up.- It is better to depict to the individual whom you are wrapping the swathe on what you are doing. Kind of like a running editorial.- If the zone that is harmed is likewise draining then you have to stop the dying. This is possible by applying weight on the draining region and raising the incurred range above heart level.- The dressing that you are utilizing ought to be somewhat greater than the injury that needs to be secured.

– The dressing ought to be held by its closures so your fingers are far from the part that will blanket the injury.- Application of the gauze ought to start putting the dressing on top of the injury not from the side of the injury.- As specified, weight is required to prevent the injury from draining however one ought to be mindful so as not to apply an excessive amount of weight as this may limit blood dissemination to the injury. Sterile dressing cushions that are joined to wraps can additionally be utilized on wounds. These are generally accessible in a defensive wrapping. It ought to be noted that once these sterile dressing cushions are taken out of their wrapping they don’t stay sterile i.e.

hygienic. To apply these sterile dressing cushions:- One ought to hold the gauze from either side of the cushion Place these cushions straightforwardly on the injury The short end of the cushion ought to be wound once around the region The flip side ought to be wound around the zone in order to blanket the entire cushion Finally the closures ought to be entwined over the cushion to secure it Plasters, which are likewise called glue dressings, can additionally be utilized on wounds. Mortars are made of cloth with a glue/sticky back. Mortars are normally found in single sterile packs. Mortars are accessible in distinctive sizes and shapes. They can likewise be sliced to the size that one needs.





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